Pastor Chris Update

Extraordinary for Good and Ill

April 11, 2017

Although I won’t be rescanned until after my next round of treatments, there is every indication that the chemotherapy treatments I have taken so far have significantly, even extraordinarily,...

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Rough Week

April 6, 2017

Sorry I haven’t been able to update in a while.  I’ve been battling to keep my food down and in for over a week.  On Saturday, April 1 (with the doc’s permission), we...

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Some Pleasant News

March 24, 2017

Moving to Mondays for the first day of my 21-day chemotherapy rounds was a really good move.  Day Four was still the roughest, but at least it was a Thursday instead of a Sunday.  The...

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A 3 a.m. Insight into Prayer

March 21, 2017

Actually it was 3:36 a.m. this morning.  I woke up for a quite natural reason, and glanced at the night clock display on my charging phone as I lay me back down to sleep:  3:36 a.m. ...

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One Down, Ninety-Nine to Go

March 9, 2017

Last night I took the last of my oral chemotherapy pills for the current 21-day round.  Now I get eleven days off (thank you, Lord).  I would normally get just seven days off...

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