Hope for Merriment Again While Eating and Drinking

January 31, 2018

During the past few weeks, I've experienced significant and generally increasing problems swallowing, a feeling that food or even drink doesn't quite "go down."  And, that's exactly what is...

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Another Good Scan

January 3, 2018

Dear praying friends,

Dr. Devore called me personally yesterday to tell me that my scan results were again very favorable – clear again for the fourth scan in a row.  Again, that means...

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Anxiety Quelled

November 3, 2017

Scan results received yesterday were very favorable – clear again for the third scan in a row.  In other words, although we know by other means that there is cancer in my body, you...

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Good Cop (Scans) Bad Cop (Marker Numbers)

October 11, 2017

Would that the tumor marker numbers were as friendly as my recent scans, but they are not.  While my last two scans have been excellent, the tumor marker number is trending up, which is not...

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Another Good Report

August 29, 2017

The results from last Thursday’s CT scan are in and are good, even better than the previous scan.  The scan shows no evidence of cancer in my esophagus, liver, or lymph nodes.  The...

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