Up Again a Little

Posted on August 11, 2017.

I started a new round of chemo on Monday, August 7, and the bloodwork from that visit is in.  The tumor marker is up to 4.3 from the previous 3.1.  The doctors have forewarned me that they expect that number to bounce around a bit, especially since it is down near the normal range of 0-3.  Dr. Devore, however, is becoming increasingly suspicious that the 0.6 reading of a few rounds ago was a bad test.  It’s always disappointing when the tumor marker goes up instead of down, but I have to remember that I started at 15.8 back in February, and was thrilled when it went down to 8.5 a few weeks later. And remember that part of what you’re praying for me is that my trust and hope would remain solidly in the Lord, and not in doctors and tests and numbers. 

Since the worst of the side effects did not return with the increased dosage of Xeloda, I asked about increasing the dosage again.  Dr. Devore agrees with the idea of kicking the cancer while it is down, but cautiously wants to stay with the current dosage for another round to make sure my body can handle it.  So far, the only thing I’m noticing side-effect-wise is a tiredness that cannot be dismissed as merely the onset of age or laziness supported by a handy excuse. 

Before I see the oncologist again in a couple weeks, I’ll have another CT scan, which actually puts eyeballs on what’s going on inside me, and will tell more than the tumor marker does. 

Thanks for your prayers.  I appreciate them, and you, more than I can say.