Tumor Marker Roller Coaster

Posted on July 25, 2017.

The results of my most recent blood test are in, and the CEA marker now stands at 3.1, down from the 6.0 I reported recently, which was up from the semi-miraculous 0.6 from the time before.  The new lower reading cannot be the result of my increased dosage of the chemotherapy Xeloda, since the blood that was tested was taken before the increase was implemented, and following my week off from all chemotherapies.  It certainly can be the result of your continuing prayers, however, which again I thank you for and am more appreciative of than I can say.  I count it a great blessing to have so many who are praying for me, and I think of it every time I get a bit of good news, and every day as I go about my business pretty much normally.  And of course even the prayers of so many would mean nothing without a great and merciful Lord to answer them. 

I have to admit that the tenfold increase from 0.6 to 6.0 was a blow to my spirits, if not to my spirit, and that the most current reading lifted them again.  I don’t want my mood to be on the same roller coaster as my CEA number, but there it is, and I ask your prayers for that, too, if you think of it. 

So far so good on side-effects from the increased dosage, now nine days in to the fourteen before I get another week off.  It may be wearing me down some, but I’m not experiencing those intestinal problems that hit me so hard back in March/April.  So thank you once again for prayers.