Over 300 Visits for the Year

Posted on October 7, 2016.

In the past few years, we've averaged visiting about 300 people.  This year, with almost a quarter of the year left, we've made 314 visits to date.  Not all are remarkable; most are not.  But hardly a week goes by that there are not a few visits that are obviously impactful - a seriously needed encouragment to continued faith in the Lord, or a calling back to faith for someone who has wandered away in their carefree days of ease, or an invitation to appeal to Christ to save.  Tears are frequent, and prayers moreso.  Thank you, Carol VanCleef for preparing all of the gift bags that provide the opportunity to start the conversation, and thank you, Diane Hardin, for making the "His Love" bracelets that help turn conversations directly to spiritual things, if we're not already there.