Old Home Day and New Home Day

Posted on March 22, 2016.

Old Home Day:  "I think I know you," he said.  "You play the banjo, and used to box in Golden Gloves."  That Golden Gloves part goes back a long way, to about 1968 or 69.  I had to confess that I didn't remember him, but he knew of me from his friendships with my younger siblings.  Down the hall I made the reacquaintance of a woman who actually attended my wedding at Oak Ridge Bible Church in 1979, located where Kroger sits now, in the back behind the seafood section, as near as I can figure.  She was one of the women of the church back then, and left me with instructions to pass on her greetings to Lamar and Diane Hardin.  Lorene says hi. 

New Home Day:  I saw ten people today, and some had been through significant suffering of late, and some had uncertain prospects of recovering their health.  I almost always conclude visits with prayer, the content of which is shaped by what I have been able to discern about their faith in our conversation.  Today, two different believers I visited burst into tears during prayer, both as I was praying that they would get to go home soon, and thanking the Lord that beyond that we have a home we've never been to, where there will be no crying, sickness, pain, or mourning, and even death itself will be swallowed up in Christ's victory over the grave. 

With the ten visits today, 103 visits to date in 2016.