Not Without Honor . . . Except in Your Hometown

Posted on August 24, 2016.

I've written of her before; she is the aunt of a high school friend.  I have been in her house dozens of times, but not for over forty years.  Now she is a permanent resident at NHC, and every week she scolds me like the teenager I was before becoming a Christian at twenty-two. 

"Where are you going now?," she challenged.  "I guess I'm going back to the church."  "Good - that's where you need to be." 

Then there was this:  "Why don't you bring your wife down here - I'll tell her a few things about you."  "She knows enough as it is."  "Bring her down here - I'll fill her in on the rest." 

She and some other ladies were speaking with a young NHC administrator at lunch.  I said, "I'll bet you don't talk to him like you talk to me - he's too young and good looking."  "You won't let anybody be nice to you - you make it too hard." 

If I defend myself too much, a favorite counter is, "You're forgetting one thing - I heard the wind blow before." 

It's playful, but sheesh!  The Lord must know that I need humbling weekly! 

With six visits yesterday, 274 visits for the year (not counting any encounters with my old friend's aunt).