NHC & Greenfield Report

Over 300 Visits for the Year

October 7, 2016

In the past few years, we've averaged visiting about 300 people.  This year, with almost a quarter of the year left, we've made 314 visits to date.  Not all are remarkable; most are...

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Not Without Honor . . . Except in Your Hometown

August 24, 2016

I've written of her before; she is the aunt of a high school friend.  I have been in her house dozens of times, but not for over forty years.  Now she is a permanent resident at NHC, and...

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Old Home Day and New Home Day

March 22, 2016

Old Home Day:  "I think I know you," he said.  "You play the banjo, and used to box in Golden Gloves."  That Golden Gloves part goes back a long way, to about 1968 or 69.  I had...

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Deep, Shallow, and Bone Dry

February 16, 2016

Deep:  The man and his wife are both retired from vocational Christian ministry.  I don’t mean to say that sets them on a pedestal over Christians who work in other fields, but just...

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Shaken to the Core

February 2, 2016

The man in the chair looked pretty healthy to be a patient at NHC, an impression strengthened when he jumped up to shake my hand.  Turns out it was his son of the same name who was the...

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