Matthew Devotional Readings

Clothed in a Righteousness Not Our Own

May 26, 2016

Read Matthew 22:1-14

     The meaning of the parable is obvious.  The invited guests are the sons of Israel who have refused to accept God’s Kingdom, and Son....

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Beware the Spirit of the Second Son

May 25, 2016

Read Matthew 21:28-45

      In response to the evangelist’s impassioned plea, the young man went to the front of the church to give his life to Christ.  He had...

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One Parable - Two Lessons

May 24, 2016

Read Matthew 21:18-27

      The episode with the fig tree was a parable Jesus didn’t tell, but acted out.  This is clearer in Mark’s parallel account which...

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The Triumphal Entry . . . into the Temple

May 23, 2016

Read Matthew 21:1-17

      The “triumphal entry” was truly King Jesus’ official coming-out party, especially when it is extended to include his cleansing...

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The Basis for Grace

May 21, 2016

Read Matthew 20:17-34

      The economy of grace in God’s kingdom isn’t without a basis.  The Kingdom isn’t like a government that prints money...

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