Matthew Devotional Readings

No Self-Solution for Sin

June 13, 2016

Read Matthew 27:1-10

      Whatever Judas imagined his motives to have been, he now sees better just what his betrayal has meant, and the meager and terrible bargain he has...

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Let Him Who Thinks He Stands Take Heed Lest He Fall

June 11, 2016

Read Matthew 26:57-75

      He who had been quick to draw his sword in defense of Jesus (26:50), was now “following him at a distance” (26:57), in the words of...

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When Jesus' Prayer Was Answered "No"

June 10, 2016

Read Matthew 26:30-56

      Does Jesus know what it is like to have a prayer answered “no”?  He does, and it is here.  Many have faced death bravely,...

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Jesus Is Fasting from the Fruit of the Vine until the Consumation

June 9, 2016

Read Matthew 26:14-29

      The parallels with Jesus’ institution of the Lord’s Supper and the Jewish Passover are striking and dramatic.  Just as the...

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Worshippers Do Not Do It on the Cheap

June 8, 2016

Read Matthew 26:1-13

      “I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God that cost me nothing,” King David famously proclaimed (2 Samuel 24:24).  ...

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