Matthew Devotional Readings

When God's Deliverance Is Just Too Inconvenient

April 21, 2016

Read Matthew 8:28-9:8

      Well, at least the local residents could safely walk near the cemetery again – the two demon-possessed men who lived among the tombs had...

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Fear Forces Out Faith; Faith Forces Out Fear

April 20, 2016

Read Matthew 8:14-27

      The storm-tossed disciples seem to have no doubt that Jesus could do something about their crisis.  “Save us, Lord; we are...

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A Faith Made Deeper by Understanding

April 19, 2016

Read Matthew 8:1-13

      The Roman commander of a hundred soldiers (“centurion”) is commended by Jesus for the depth of his faith (8:10).  It is often...

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Two Trees, Two Claims, Two Houses

April 18, 2016

Read Matthew 7:15-29

      On the road that runs between Springfield, Missouri and Kansas City there is a little township called Bethlehem.  That’s not the...

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Be Morally Discerning Without Being Judgy

April 16, 2016

Read Matthew 7:1-14

      Jesus warning to “Judge not” (7:1) is not a call to suspend all moral judgment, as it is sometimes supposed by the unrighteously...

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