How to Tell a Lie

Posted on June 17, 2016.

Read Matthew 27:62 - 28:15

      “His disciples came and stole the body while we were asleep,” the guards were bribed to say (28:13).  Can you spot proof of a lie?  If they were asleep, how would they know that the body of Jesus was stolen, or if it was stolen who stole it?  Furthermore, the utter implausibility of Jesus’ disillusioned, frightened, and scattered disciples mustering the courage to pull off such an operation makes it impossible to believe.  It’s the bodily resurrection of Jesus that explains the empty tomb, the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus, the renewed boldness of the apostles, and even the explosive growth of the early church in Jerusalem. 

      The chief priests and elders used bribe money (did they have a bribery/betrayal fund?) to commission the soldiers to spread lies.  In the next passage, Jesus will use the promise of his presence to commission his disciples to spread the gospel.  Jesus is alive – it’s the lies about him that have died.