Welcome to the Faith Bible Fellowship website.  We are an Evangelical Free Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  We hope you will find the information on this page helpful, and if you are in the area that you will join us for worship sometime soon. 


Evangelical Free Church of America

 An excellent online Bible (many translations)

Quite a few people have listened to Pastor Chris' sermon given February 12, 2017, the Sunday after his cancer diagnosis.  Here's the link to How to Pray for Me, Yourself, and Every Christian.

Recent Sermons

Five Things Christians Don't Want to Do to Get the Life They Want, September 24, 2017, Chris Bunn

Once Saved Now Being Saved or The Tragic Case of the Unconverted Believer, September 17, 2017, Chris Bunn

Don't Follow Your Heart - Let God Lead It (Psalm 51:1-10), September 10, 2017, Chris Bunn

Let the Word Draw You to the Table . . . Every Time (James 4:8), September 3,. 2017, Chris Bunn

Father's Day, June 18, 2017, David Hooie

How Do You Know (Exodus 6:7-8), June 11, 2017, David Hooie

Heaven and Earth Reunited (Revelation 21), May 7, 2017, Chris Bunn

Borrow All the Joy You Can, But Don't Steal Any, April 16, 2017, Chris Bunn

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